Βάρκα στην θάλλασα ψαρεύει όστρακα

Broad variety - Excellent quality

Not only do we work with our suppliers to provide guaranteed high quality products but we also carefully sanitise, store, package and ship live shells to their destination.

Our supply includes 15 shellfish varieties, 4 crustaceans and echinoderms in packages from 1-10 kilos.

Κιβώτια αποθήκευσης αλιευμάτων με νερό

Strict control standards and regular analysis

We operate one of the few sanitation facilities in Greece specifically for processing shellfish. The entire production process is carried out under strict hygiene and safety standards, in line with the European Food Safety Management System and in accordance with the international ISO 22000 standard.

In addition, we perform microbiological and physicochemical analyses of the flesh of all shellfish we market, seawater from myoculture, water purification tanks and scrub water, ensuring that all hazards have been identified and tested.

Γραμμή επεξεργασίας και quality contror, Mega Ostrakon